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Nordic American Corporate Development & Finance capitalizes on its partners international business experience, our transatlantic presence, and our ‘unique position’ in the diversified technology sector to create new international business opportunities and to grow company asset values based upon the expansion of a client’s intellectual capital and intellectual property (IP) assets. Our principal lines of work include:

  • Intellectual Capital Asset Management Services
  • Technology Commercialization & Transfer Processes
  • Technology Development Project Finance/Investment

Nordic American’s business uniqueness stems from an extraordinary business “chemistry” that provides us with three positive discriminators:

  • Geographic – U.S.-Nordic regions combine world’s leading technology innovators, and Nordic American is well positioned in the tech markets on both sides of the Atlantic
  • Industrial – Nordic American selects from among the best Nordic technology innovators to match with the best related North American technology integrators and consumers
  • Commercial – Nordic American’s development model means direct participation and investment in our project development

Nordic American’s geographic discriminator consists of the fact that our “home turf”, the countries of North Europe, Switzerland and the United States have the distinction of being consistently the most innovative nations on earth, according to EU analysis. This North European milieu is the source of a wide range of world class technology innovation which we help translate into market-ready products and companies positioned to feed the huge appetite of North American diversified technology developers and integrators.

Our industrial relationships with the prime diversified technology houses of the U.S. provide a huge potential market for innovation sourced in the Nordic regions. And conversely, our U.S. client base often uses our firm to search the Nordic region for partnering opportunities related to specific co-development, as well as for technology acquisition.

And finally, Nordic American’s model is to become directly involved in the commercial proposition. We take on project activity predicated on the assumptions that we become direct participants in strategic planning and project or company development, that we have active roles on the management team for limited periods (particularly in the case of new ventures), and that we establish vested interests in our client’s businesses.

Each element of this chemistry thus stimulates the other and taken together produces a two-way, transatlantic street of higher quality advanced technology projects and access to significantly greater valuation of intellectual assets for shareholders. In doing our work, Nordic American considers each component of a firm’s intellectual capital – business chemistry, human chemistry, organizational harmony, relational excellence, and IP fertility to be equally critical to the success of our intellectual capital asset management.


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