Nordic American AS

Nordic American AS

Oslo, Norway


Nordic American AS
is an Oslo based Nordic region defense services company providing (A) strategic defense advisory services, and in-country program development and execution support principally to North American defense companies, (B) marketplace monitoring, new business exploration, customer development services, and direct sales support for North American companies in technology sectors in general, and (C) international industrial cooperation project development and program support services to North American offset obligation holders. Our focus is transatlantic business cooperation for defense and security related organizations, the research and development community, and for commercial advanced technology companies supporting those and related sectors.

Nordic American AS is dedicated to serving and preserving defense and defense industrial relationships between the U.S. and Nordic region nations by means of identifying, developing, and participating in the creation of fiscally responsible, technologically sound business opportunities in both defense and security, and related areas. We offer to North American companies pursuing business in the Nordic region strategic defense advisory services, program development assistance, in-country representation, and day-to-day hands-on implementation support in the following areas:

  • Access to political & program decision-makers; contact management
  • Information sourcing & analysis pertinent to program development
  • Strategy development for competitive programs
  • Government, political, and industrial community relations
  • Industrial program development and implementation
  • Press monitoring, press relations, translations, marketplace intelligence

Our firm's vision is to contribute to an enduring and commercially meaningful transatlantic business relationship by creating new business opportunities, ventures, and strategic relationships, and supporting bilateral programs and joint initiatives in our sectors of expertise.

Industrial Cooperation Services

Even as a client is considering a new business pursuit in the Nordic region, or entry into a competition, the Nordic American team begins to assess the implications of such a pursuit in terms of the industrial cooperation obligation that must follow. In fact, the industrial cooperation proposal, which must be constructed prior to the completion of the competition, can become a major marketing tool influencing the selection process itself. It is a formal, defined criterion of the evaluation process, and has a significant value in the overall ranking. Our team possesses many years of experience in the business of offsets and industrial cooperation, and, particularly with respect to Norway, has established a close working relationship with those whose task it is to draft policy, execute policy, and negotiate obligations. Equally important, we have acquired a deep familiarity with the defense industrial base companies themselves, and with the small and medium sized enterprises involved in contributive technologies.

Nordic American can be an indispensable tool in assessing a realistic cost-to-complete the obligation, providing a portfolio of qualified potential projects, constructing the offset proposal for pre-selection consideration, identifying and qualifying replacement projects as necessary, being a partner in negotiating project proposals, and executing projects and closing on crediting with the Ministry of Defence.


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