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Nordic American LLC provides a method for North American companies to obtain high quality access to the Nordic region in direct support of their international business objectives. Whether as local national consultants in the defense and security technology sector, in a team support role working with your marketing organization, or as direct representatives of your product lines in the region, Nordic American is skilled at searching the marketplace for undeveloped business potential. In many cases, we find that before productive business development can take place, it is valuable spending time on customer development, an absolutely crucial “pre-program” step in creating company and product recognition for new North American entrants into the marketplace.

In the Nordic region, our firm has experience in identifying the customer base, gaining access to those who generate requirements, and to the decision-makers that execute upon such requirements. We lengthen the arm of your business development team, boost their coverage, multiply their information sources, reconfirm their strategies, and maintain on-going contact with your customer base in the region – all in a cost effective manner which avoids the high cost and necessity of frequent travel to the region.

Clients often find that Nordic American’s breadth and depth of experience offers an alternative to dedicating internal manpower and resources to this region of Europe. For selected products and business areas, we take on the direct task of representation, sales, and customer follow up and maintenance on behalf of North American suppliers. With our experienced team and a major office facility in central Oslo, we are prepared not only to host customers, but also to provide office facilities for the client’s traveling teams.

Nordic American LLC also offers to Nordic companies strategic advisory and representation services related to acquiring access for their products and services to the North American markets.

  • Access to North American companies and programs
  • Strategy for international business development
  • Information for market analysis; partner identification
  • U.S. process/procedures; U.S. based support
  • U.S. contact development & management


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