Dallas; 28 September 2007– Inaugural Redalpine Fund Makes First Investment.

Zurich Switzerland – July 2007

Redalpine Venture Partners AG, with its partner Nordic American Capital Company LLC, is pleased to announce that it has reached first close of its inaugural fund, Redalpine Capital I S.C.S.

Redalpine Capital I S.C.S. is a Luxembourg organized fund managed by Redalpine Venture Partners with the primary partners being located in Switzerland, Norway and the USA. The fund, which had its first close in July 2007, is targeting a 30 million Swiss Franc ($24M) fund. It is actively seeking investments while continuing fund raising activities for a second close targeted in early 2008. In general, the fund has the following characteristics:

  • Geography – The Swiss Alpine Rim, Germany, and Nordic Countries where

the innovation-to-market gap is wide

  • Sectors - Information Technology and non drug/invasive Life Science
  • Stages - Seed and Startup Phase, early expansion
  • Targeted business model - Highly scalable with reasonable valuations
  • Targeted exit multiple – Greater than 30 within 3-5 years
  • 7 year life to the Fund
  • Investment size - .250K to 1.5 million Swiss Francs ($200K - $1.2M)

The management team behind the fund brings an unmatched wealth of expertise and knowledge to invested entrepreneurs, and the Fund management company seeks to align the limited partners’ interests and its own with that of the entrepreneurs. While this is easy to say, in practice it means only one thing – investments must perform for each party to win. The team enhances investment returns by focusing on value added through its strong international network, robust technology and industrial expertise, and active involvement in penetrating international markets.


About Redalpine

Redalpine Venture Partners AG is a co-managed seed and early stage capital management company. Its inaugural fund, Redalpine Capital I S.C.S., is organized in Luxembourg and seeks superior returns by investing in early stage companies when valuations are reasonable and the upside high. The fund targets IT and non-invasive Life Science companies originating in the Alpine Rim and Nordic areas where innovation is the highest in the world. The management team leverages strong international networks, robust technology and industrial expertise, and active involvement to penetrate international markets to significantly increase the value of invested companies. For more information about Redalpine Venture Partners AG, please visit


About Nordic American Capital Company

Nordic American Capital Company LLC is part of the Nordic American Group and is a financial management and project finance company dedicated to producing superior returns by effectively allocating capital to companies and projects that possess international scalability. Currently, the company is focusing on seed and early stage investment through its co-managed fund management company, Redalpine Management AG. If you would like to learn more about Redalpine, please contact Richard Mallon ( or Michael Sidler (m or visit Redalpine on line at If you would like to learn more about the Nordic American Group of companies, please visit .




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