The 5 elements of intellectual capital

  • Business Chemistry
  • Human Chemistry
  • Organizational Harmony
  • Relational Excellence
  • IP Fertility

Nordic American Group

Intellectual Capital Asset Management

Transatlantic Business Development & Finance

Defense & Technology Advisory Services


Transatlantic Business DevelopmentThe Nordic American Group creates value by expanding the intellectual capital within your company, and monetizing the intellectual assets you produce.

We are an integrated, synchronized group of purpose-built companies whose individual services are melded into the pursuit of a single objective – producing significant new values for your shareholders from the ‘gross corporate product’ of your company’s intellectual output.


Our team integrates

  • expertise, capital, and productive networks

To focus on

  • building new companies
  • expanding existing companies
  • creating sustainable growth
  • establishing predictable cash flows
  • quality transatlantic partnering
  • providing strategic quality advisory services 

We do this by

  • monetizing intellectual assets
  • private equity investing
  • analyzing opportunities & risk
  • structuring & executing transactions
  • active management participation in projects
  • recapitalizations & restructurings

Our success results from

  • high quality relationships critical to success in your sector
  • shareholder recognized performance in adding value to your IP portfolio
  • proactive, hands-on management participation in your effort

Nordic American Corporate

Our general lines of work include:

(For detailed services see specific company.)

Nordic American Corporate Development & Finance
(Dallas, Oslo, Zurich)

  • Intellectual Property Management & Technology Transfer
  • Transatlantic Technology Commercialization & Project Finance
  • Technology Development Investment Fund

Nordic American AS (Oslo)

  • Nordic Region Defense & Technology Advisory Services
    (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Baltic’s)
  • Nordic Region Defense & Security Sales And Service

Nordic American LLC (Dallas)

  • U.S. Defense Contracting Services
  • Nordic Company Representation in U.S.


Primary Contact
Office: (817) 416-6690


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