Cost Effective International Customer Development
For Client Companies in the U.S. and Europe


The Need

At some point most companies must contemplate the justification, the timing, the cost factors, and the sheer level of effort required to “go international,” and especially to go transatlantic. It may represent a major new market, but it is also a big step, and can be a big ‘misstep’ if not conducted in view of the cold hard realities of the marketplace. What could be useful in this situation is to have the opportunity to “test” the marketplace in a careful, calculated manner.

The Technique

Nordic American offers companies the opportunity to have a physical presence in the U.S. or North European marketplace without having to establish a foreign entity, hire or relocate employees overseas, be concerned about foreign regulatory issues and taxes, or create a long term commitment. Clients may take their time and preserve their budgets while still learning the characteristics of the marketplace, the competitors, and the cost of entry. The offices of the Nordic American Group can be made available, and members of our team will provide business services and limited market support to our clients in one of three styles of your choosing – administrative services, reactive services, or proactive market development.

Two Locations:

Virtual Presence Dallas
Virtual Presence Oslo

  • Level 1 – Virtual Office (Administrative Services)
    • Dedicated Phone Number For Your Company Plus Fax Number
    • Company Physical Address In Country
    • Personalized Call Reception, Messaging Service
    • Conference Room And Equipment For Your Meetings
    • Visitor Office Spaces/Support For Your Travelers
    • Private Filing Storage

Terms:  $300 USD/Month; 12 Month Minimum.


  • Level 2 – Marketplace Support (Reactive Services)
    • All Of The Above Services Plus
    • Our Professionals Become Familiar With Your Business, Your Strategies, Your Literature, And Your Near Term Objectives
    • We Field Calls, Queries, Contacts, Questions, Etc., On Your Behalf, And Provide Professional Responses Designed To Help You Gain Exposure And Win Business
    • Marketplace Monitoring (With Respect To Your Sector)
    • Company Literature Display, Mailing

Terms:  $800 USD/Month; 12 Month Minimum.


  • Level 3 – Business Development Support, Limited (Proactive Services)
    • All Of The Services Above Plus
    • Up-Front Business Plan And Strategy Analysis
    • Up-Front Competitive Analysis
    • Recommended Marketplace ‘Campaign Plan’
    • Semi-Annual Review 

Terms:  $2,000 USD/Month; 6 Month Minimum With $2,000 Drop Fee, Or 12
 Month Contract Without Drop Fee.


These services are specifically designed to provide your company “Virtual Presence” –   a location, the image of presence, market information, a degree of marketplace feedback, and limited business analysis and strategic recommendations. Nordic American remains available for full contract services should your company desire to transition to active business development execution activities and implementation support.

Primary Contact
Office: (817) 416-6690
Int'l Mobile: (817) 371 2624


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